Linkedin Outreach

Linkedin Outreach, Message automation and why you’re not getting any leads!
I don’t need to bore you with the importance of using Linkedin when looking to develop your business network and prospecting with the long term view of acquiring new clients. You’re already doing it, trying it, thinking about it or highly demoralized with it.

One thing’s certain; if you’re not getting lots of leads, you’re not doing it right!
The only thing you should be trying to achieve from your Linkedin messaging efforts is to open a line of communication with your target contact, you’re efforts need to be placed in simply opening a conversation, this of course requires you to be professional, engaging, relevant and interesting, if you can ‘season’ that with timing, then that’s even better. Beyond that, you have to figure out streamlining and automation in order to scale your results.

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The Power of Emailing and Linkedin Messaging Combined

Let me start by asking you to look at advertising in its simplest form. It’s fair to say repetition and persistence is key when running a successful advertising campaign. Your target audience needs continual exposure to your brand and message in order to become motivated to engage and inevitably buy. With this in mind, multi-channel marketing is sure to be your ‘secret weapon’ for the foreseeable future, the digitalized way in which we communicate has made successful multi-channel marketing , not only possible but in fact quite easy once you get your head around the options available to you and how they can work affectively for you.

In fact, I’m so confident in multi-channel marketing, I have gone ahead and had my own ‘home grown’ technology developed in order to assist me in scaling results for my clients. The core of what I do revolves around combining email marketing and Linkedin messaging as one complete outreach marketing strategy.

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How to win more clients as a consultant

How to win more clients as a consultant?
The cry of every consultant and freelancer; How do I win more clients? In previous articles I’ve delved into the depths of ‘outreach marketing’ and how you can use email and Linkedin messaging in order to generate a steady flow of new business inquiries. In this article, I’m going to present alternative outreach approaches that you can use to generate leads:

Offer advice:
This might sound simple, but you may have noticed how much your prospective clients appreciate you when you’re able to offer tangible advice on a call or in a meeting? This is a very effective way of building credibility and helping your lead along the ‘buyer process’ to becoming a fully paying client. The problem is you’re simply not having enough of these conversations. As always, you’ve got to put yourself out there.

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B2B Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing? It really works. Trust me!
At some stage while discussing the highly controversial email marketing strategy you would have heard words to the effect of ‘email marketing is dead’. I’m here to assure you; that’s a completely incorrect statement and I’m proud to say I have many client testimonials and case studies that prove otherwise. Is it possible for a campaign to fail as the result of missing the required creative savvy and technology to execute a successful campaign? Absolutely, but as far as a marketing option that you should be investing your time into, email marketing is ‘hands down’ the single highest performing option in your repertoire from an ROI stand point.

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