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I have spent a number of years developing my natural ability to hold the attention of, influence and convince, C-level executives to take action towards using products or services. Although undoubtedly a valuable skill, without a steady flow of enquiries from targeted decision makers, earth shattering results were unlikely to be produced.

This realization set me on a path of discovery. I had my fair share of trial and error and even disappointment along the way, but what I learned, ultimately led to my success. I am now seeking the opportunity to share my success with you, by implementing my proven strategies, leveraged by proprietary built, cutting edge technology, sure to take your sales figures to the next level.

Why should you Hire Me?

My performance guarantee to you and your business is quantifiable. I’m not here to ‘blind you with bright lights’ and have you pay me for work that may not produce results – the classic marketing agency model. I’m not a well-meaning employee that holds a good interview, but simply cannot deliver.
Hiring me is purely a revenue driving exercise, during our initial discussions we will agree on a target revenue figure (usually 10 x what you spend with me) based on a sensible and conservative conversion rate on the new business enquiries I’ll produce for you.





Business in general is becoming incredibly IT centric and not least of all in the marketing space, what with the meteoric rise of the ‘Martech’ startup. While I had no particular desire to create a pure technology offering, I knew technology could bridge the gap between average results and ‘earth shattering’ results for my clients.

Having established the best practice to consistently generate leads, I knew it was time to combine this skill with software that could increase results and efficiency tenfold. So, that’s exactly what I did.

My technology works behind the scenes to get you results, but in addition, I want you to be able to see your campaign develop and progress in real time, since excel sheets are limited and can be inefficient. I’m so confident in my work; I have developed an easy to use dashboard providing you with a range of live actionable stats and figures.

Once I begin work for you, I’ll provide you with logins to my dashboard, you’ll enjoy access from both desktop and mobile device alike.

“Creative marketing tactics are profitable when executed properly, when these strategies meet technology, automation and scalability begins, a revenue driving machine is born.”

Adam J Clarke

Case Study

Gilroy specializes in Enterprise level B2B Communications and has gone from strength to strength over the years with the acquisition of top tier clients, many of which are household names.

Focusing on 4 key competencies, Reputation & Presence, Stakeholder Engagement, Sales Enablement and Accounts & Bids, Gilroy wanted to further expand on their existing client base while maintaining the quality of clients they’re currently enjoying success with.

I set to work on their behalf with a specific mandate to generate leads from prospective enterprise level clients only, all of which must be UK Based.

To achieve this, I launched an ‘out-reach’ email marketing campaign consisting of high quality creative content in order generate new business enquiries while maintaining their strong brand image.

During their initial campaign I put my in-house technology to work to locate just over 2000 targeted decision maker email contacts. Using a ‘3-touch’ approach (3 email sequence) enabling me to attempt opening a conversation with each prospect using a number of different styles of communication without pressuring or pestering the prospective client I produced 38 leads for my Gilroy.

Gilroy Corporate Communications

The Challenge

To increase pipeline specifically with
large brand enterprise level clients.


2000 Prospective Clients Located.

Three email sequence campaign designed.

A/B split test executed.




‘My business partners introduced me to Adam as a fast time to market asset. Adam has shown that his service is efficient and throughout the duration of our campaign has, strategically, helped HDandQ attract enquiries from market leaders. I would have no hesitation in recommending Adam’s services if your business is looking for an assertive and effective way to generate a healthy pipeline. The ratio of value added against cost is worth every penny’.

Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer - Hung, Drawn & Quartered
Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer - Hung, Drawn & QuarteredMORGAN MAROUANI

‘Adam is an very experienced and knowledgeable lead generation specialist. If you are looking to generate high quality new leads for your sales team Adam will certainly deliver’.

Director & Founder - Marketing Republic UK
Director & Founder - Marketing Republic UKSTEFAN BOYLE

‘I engaged Adam to open doors with decision makers in a specific target sector, for our business. Being skeptical of the proposed approach at first, I was pleasantly suprised, and delighted to welcome a steady stream of genuine and exciting opportunities. Adam has a presuasive and determined manner that suits his craft, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to get similar results for your business’.

CEO At Influence Agents

‘We launched The Data Distillery in 2016 and wanted to enter the market with a strong new business pipeline. We were introduced to Adam who worked with us to understand our business and our target audience. He and his team quickly got to work and began generating enquiries within a few days. We have since used him across other companies in the group and would not hesitate to recommend his services’.

Co-Founder And Director - MYSALESBOX
Co-Founder And Director - MYSALESBOXPAUL REES

‘We engaged Adam for some specific business development activity on our behalf – his response was pragmatic, agile and effective, leading to a tangible output that we could actually do something with’.

Senior Partner - Gilroy Corporate Communications
Senior Partner - Gilroy Corporate CommunicationsMATT NEAL

We hired Adam in May 2017 and he has continued to deliver great results for CAMSS World. At a crucial time in our business, Adam and his team provide warm, qualified leads for my team to engage with. I am happy to recommend Adam to any business as he will provide ROI.

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, CXO Relations - CAMSS World
Co-Founder, Managing Partner, CXO Relations - CAMSS WorldRob Simms
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